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I left school in Newmarket, Suffolk aged 15 and headed for London where I spent some years working as a hospital porter; becoming a trade union activist in the Health Service Unions as well as singing and playing in London's folk clubs in a number of combos covering 'Jug Band', Modern Folk and Traditional Close-Harmony Acapella music..

(If that's all so 'right-on that it makes you want puke it's actually just how things fell out!' Being eighteen in London in 1968 is probably the one point I've been in the right place at the right time and it was wonderful!)

In the 70's I moved to Cambridge and then enrolled at Dartington College of Arts, in Devon where I completed a four year BA Honours Course

whilst singing with a variety of college Jazz combos to earn some beer money whilst studying.

Having also worked as a Computer Programmer and Lecturer in Multimedia Computing, I finally discovered Stained Glass making - while wishing that I'd discovered it forty or more years ago!

I love working with this medium as well as teaching it - since my students' all seem to pick up my passion for what I do.

I also regularly work with school groups at the Stained Glass Museum in Ely, teaching the history of Stained Glass Making.